Here’s This Weekend’s BLOBFEST Schedule!

If you’re heading towards Phoenixville this weekend for BlobFest, you’ll probably want to know what is going on whn. So if you don’t want to miss the costume contest on Saturday (with special celebrity guest judge Joel Hodgson from Mystery Science Theater 3000) or that double feature screening of The Blob and Mothra, you’ll want this handy guide!

(Click on the schedule for a bigger, more readable size!)


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BLOBFEST Runout Tickets Go On Sale Tomorrow!

Popcorn and Movie TicketsIt’s that time! Tickets for this year’s Friday Night Runout Reenactment are going on sale tomorrow at 10am!

You can get them online at the Colonial Theatre’s website, but be warned – they sell out quickly!

BlobFest this year is July 11 throught the 13th in Phoenixville, PA. See ya there!

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BLOB Criterion Blu-Ray Wins A Rondo!

rondo awardCriterion Collection’s recent blu-ray edition of The Blob has won a Rondo Award! The high-def reissue of their original 2000 DVD issue snatched this year’s award for “Best Classic Horror DVD/Blu-Ray Release” based on the new 4K digital restoration the disc sported. The blu-ray beat out the likes of Golden Voyage Of Sinbad, House Of Wax, The Howling, White Zombie and more.

BlobCriterionAccording to the fine folks who run the Rondos-

The Rondo Awards, named after Rondo Hatton, an obscure B-movie villain of the 1940s, celebrate the best in classic horror research, creativity and film preservation. This year’s e-mail vote, conducted by the Classic Horror Film Board, a 19-year old online community, drew nearly 3,400 ballots. The 35-category ballot is the largest survey of the classic horror genre held each year, and nominees and winners tilt decidedly toward horrors of the 1920s-60s.

Unfortunately, the annual BlobFest celebration in Phoenixville was once again a bridesmaid, never a bride at the Rondos, taking another “Honorable Mention” in the “Best Fan Event” for the Friday Night Runout Re-enactment.

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Is There A Blob Loose In The Andes Mountains?

Has the Blob escaped its arctic prison and somehow made its way to the Andes Mountains, of Chile? You would think so, based on the some pictures showing up on Robert Krulwich’s Krulwich Wonders blog on NPR. Turns out, though, that what is shown are actually a form of plant-life not seen anywhere else in the world.

In Spanish it’s called Ilareta, and it’s a member of the Apiaceae family, which makes it a cousin to parsley, carrots and fennel. But being a desert plant, high up in Chile’s extraordinarily dry Atacama, it grows very, very slowly — a little over a centimeter a year.

Think about that. If you asked one of these plants, “What did you do during the 20th century?” it would answer, “I grew a meter bigger.” At that rate, plants rising to shoulder height (covering yards of ground, lump after lump) must be really, really old. In fact, some of them are older than the Giant Sequoias of California, older than towering coast redwoods. In Chile, many of them go back 3,000 years — well before the Golden Age of Ancient Greece.

OK, so maybe it is not a Blob, but it still is pretty interesting. And it may be the closest you’ll get to one without any of the worry of getting close to a blob! Road trip, anyone?

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Time To Vote For THE BLOB And For BLOBFEST At The Rondo Awards!

rondo awardIt’s time to vote for the Rondo Awards, and that means it’s time to vote for The Blob! This year, Criterion Collection’s recent blu-ray release of the film, featuring a brand new 4K digital restoration is one of the films nominated in the “Best Classic Horror DVD/Blu-Ray” category.

Additionally, BlobFest has once again been nominated for two Rondo Awards in the categories of Best Convention and Best Fan Event for the Friday Night Runout Re-enactment! Long time BlobFest guests, the ghoulish gents from Ghoul-A-Go-Go, as well as relative newcomer Mr. Lobo are both nominated for “Favorite Horror Host.”

Named after 1930s and 40s horror movie actor Rondo Hatton, the Rondos are a fan-voted award honoring “significant achievement in the genre during the year.” Think of them as the classic horror film equivalent of the People’s Choice Awards.

BlobFest has been nominated in these two categories in the past but let’s make this the year that they win!

You can get a ballot to vote by email for the Rondos by visiting their website here!

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2013 BlobFest Media Roundup

Lots of press coverage of BlobFest this past weekend. Here’s a quick roundup of who was saying what –

The Phoenix Reporter had both pictures and video from the Friday night runout.

The Phoenixville Patch had write ups on Friday night and  Staurday’s street fair along with a photogallery of the Friday night Runout.

Meanwhile, the Pottstown Mercury has additional pictures from the Friday night runout and a nice interview with Blob caretaker Wes Shank.

Here is a photogallery from Philadelphia’s CBS affiliate KYW.

And finally some local news reports –


I’m not sure why NBC 10’s coverage used footage from last year, but this is what they showed on Friday night’s news.

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So What Does It Look Like To Participate In BlobFest’s Friday Night Runout?

If you’ve never been able to participate in BlobFest’s Friday Night Runout Reenactment, then maybe this will serve as a nice substitute. It’s a video I shot last year with a small GoPro camera strapped to my chest.

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