BlobFest Tix Go On Sale Next Week!


Tickets for BlobFest’s Friday Night Runout go on sale next week via the Colonial Theater’s website.

If you are a member of the Theater you can purchase them during the Member’s only pre-sale on May the 28th & 29th with the general public getting their chance the following Monday, June 1.

All info is available here!

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BlobFest Announces Double-Feature Films & First Guest

RicouBrowningA big part of the fun of the annual BlobFest in Phoenixville, PA is the double features the organizers program, pairing The Blob with another classic science-fiction film from the 1950s.

This year sees the return of The Creature From The Black Lagoon, which screened at a BlobFest several years back. (And forgive me for not knowing exactly which year…) The film will be presented in its original 3D, and having seen it a couple of times that way I can tell you that you are in for a fun treat. But that’s not all as the Gill Man himself, Ricou Browning, will be on hand all weekend signing autographs and meeting with fans.

The Saturday evening second-half of the double-feature will be the 1948 fan favorite comedy-monster mashup Abbott And Costello Meet Frankenstein. Sunday’s double feature will be The Ghastly Love Of Johnny X, a 2012 throwback film that promises to feature (according to the BlobFest’s Facebook page) “juvenile delinquents, flying saucers, cool cars, cosmic weapons, deadly dames, musical numbers, and just a splash of horror.” Judging from it’s trailer below, it looks like a great time!

This year’s BlobFest will be held in Phoenixville on July 10-12.

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Steve McQueen Bio-Pic Getting Financing


Financing for a film that would look at the life of Blob star Steve McQueen, appropriately titled McQueen, is starting to come together, according to a report from Deadline.

The film is the project of The Immigrant director James Gray and could possibly feature Gray’s Immigrant star Jeremy Renner in the title role, though Deadline states that both Channing Tatum and Ryan Gosling have expressed interest in the part in the past.

The film will be based in part on on the 2010 biography Steve McQueen: The Life And Legend Of A Hollywood Icon, written by Marshall Terrill and ” a unique story that is being kept under wraps about McQueen’s life that he wrote about at the time of his death in his own hand,” according to Deadline.

In a quote to Deadline, producer Graham Kaye stated –

[There is a diary] that was kept by his nurse in Mexico who gave it to the author of the book that was done on him by Marshall Terrill. Something happened in McQueen’s life that has been kept secret for a long time. We think we have a very interesting way into this story.

No screenwriter has been hired yet for the project.

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Simon West BLOB Remake To Be More “Along The Lines Of ALIEN And PREDATOR”

A couple of months ago we learned that Simon West is the latest director to take on a remake of The Blob. Now the folks at Den Of Geek have caught up with West and have asked him some pointed questions about how he envisions reinventing the Blob for 21st century audiences.

It seems that West’s idea is to use modern visual effects technology, i.e. CGI, to bring to the screen a film that sounds more epic in scope than the original film.

Yeah, it’s definitely going to be on a much bigger canvas than the originals, which were much more small, niche genre horror movies. My version of The Blob’s going to be more sci-fi…

The blob itself will be more sophisticated, more along the lines of Alien and Predator and things like that – much more science-based, the way Jurassic Park made you believe you could bring back dinosaurs with a bit of DNA from a mosquito. This will be much more explained on where the blob comes from and how it works. It’ll be a much more sophisticated creature – because it is a monster movie rather than a horror in that sense.

West goes on to draw a parallel with another classic science-fiction film trope.

This thing’s come from another planet, and also, we don’t know how many there are. It’s fun at the moment – while I’m prepping this other film, The Blob is a bit longer term. I’m having a lot of designing this creature, what its talents are, its attributes, how you can think you’ve defeated it, but you haven’t. It’s fun inventing a creature like that – like the new Alien or the new Predator.

Well, I certainly like his enthusiasm and it does sound like a much better approach than former Blob-remake director Rob Zombie’s “not to have a big red blobby thing” attitude. Let’s hope in all that enthusiasm he doesn’t forget to do what Alien and Predator did so well – make us care about the characters on the run from and trying to stop the Blob.

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Simon West Directing BLOB Remake


Director Simon West (Con Air, The Expendables 2) will be directing a remake of the classic 1958 horror classic The Blob.

Deadline is reporting the film will start shooting this summer, though there is no word on any cast or who may have written the screenplay.

West is quoted by Deadline as stating –

With modern CGI we can now fully realize the potential of The Blob. The world I create will be totally believable, immersive and emotionally satisfying. It’s a thrill to introduce an enduring icon to a wider audience and a whole new era of fans.

There have been several attempts to get a Blob remake off the ground over the past several years. Screenwriters Carey W. Hayes and Chad Hayes, the team behind the 2005 House Of Wax remake and 2013’s The Conjuring, wrote one attempt. Rocker-turned-director Rob Zombie was also attached to oversee a new version of the film, though he never got to the point where a script was written. Zombie infamously had stated that his intention for his remake was “not to have a big red blobby thing.” So perhaps we’re all better off that this attempt has been grounded.

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The Blob Is Coming To RetroCon Next Week

The Blob will be invading RetroCon next week, September 27th & 28th in the Philadelphia suburb of Oaks, PA!

Well, more specifically, Wes Shank, caretaker of the Blob, will be at the convention in the Philadelphia suburbs with his famous charge for all to see.

Tickets are $17 for Saturday and $15 for sunday, but that gets you access to the entire convention floor, the dealers rooms and panels. Additional guests include cartoon voice actors Michael Bell, John Moschitta, Jr., Michael McConnohie, Larry Kenney and Doug Stone, Doug “The Nostalgia Critic” Walker, James “Angry Video Game Nerd” Rolfe and BLobFest favorite Mr. Lobo.

You can find directions to the Greater Philadelphia Expo Center here.

[googleMap width=”400″ height=”400″ directions_to=”false”]100 Station Avenue, Oaks, PA 19456[/googleMap]

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BLOBFEST 2014 Media Roundup: Friday Night

Once again BlobFest brought out the local media. Here’s a quick wrap up of the coverage from this past weekend starting with all three Philadelphia local news stations reportage on the Friday night run out.

The Phoenixville Phoenix Reporter & Item is always onhand with great coverage of the weekend.

While the Daily Local has a nice slideshow of local businesses and how they decorated for BlobFest.

Costume contest judge Joel Hodgson was tweeting out pics from the weekend.

And there is this video from fan Shawn Proctor posted to YouTube.

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