Blob Ball Tix Are Now On Sale

Don’t forget that after the Friday Night runout at BlobFest, there is the Blob Ball – a great rockabilly dance where you can cut a rug late into the evening to the live sounds of the Ultra Kings. So if you’re a swing dancer or just like some good music, you may want to check it out. (I’ll be there, so don’t be afraid to ask me for a dance!)

Tickets for the dance have gone on sale and can be purchased here. You don’t have to dress up like the 1950s, but it doesn’t hurt.

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BlobFest Announces Double Features!!

Yesterday, the fine folks at BlobFest announced the companion features to this year’s screening of The Blob at the Colonial Theater and they are some real super doozies.

The first is the 1953 classic It Came From Outer Space. Based on a short story by grandmaster Ray Bradbury, the film focuses on an astronomer and his fiancee who witness a flying saucer crash, but when they try and report it, no one will believe them. Needless to say, once some mysterious things begin happening around town, people begin to rethink what they believe about what our heroes saw. The Colonial will also be screening the Vincent Price classic House Of Wax in its new second theater! And if that’s not enough Vincent Price for you, the second half of the Saturday evening double feature will be another spooky gem from the iconic horror actor – The House On Haunted Hill.

(Note – Although House Of Wax is arguably one of the most famous 3D films from the 1950s, its BlobFest presentation will be in 2D. It Came From Outer Space will be in 3D however.)

Rounding out the film schedule will be Sunday’s presentation of The Lost Skeleton Returns Again. If the title doesn’t sound familiar, The Lost Skeleton Returns Again is the 2009 sequel to 2001’s throwback The Lost Skeleton of Cadavra.

Trailers for all films are below.

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BlobFest Runout Tickets Going On Sale At End Of May

Mark your calendars! The fine folks at the Colonial Theatre have announced when tickets will go on sale for this year’s Blob Fest!!

If you are a theater member, you can purchase your tickets through the Colonial’s website on May 31, starting at 10am. If you are not a member, you’ll be able to get your tickets starting 24 hours later on June 1 at 10am.

As always, these tickets to go fast, so don’t forget to be ready to purchase them when the time comes!

And just a reminder that BlobFest this year is a little later, falling on July 14th through the 16th!

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BlobFest 2016: Media Roundup

The local CBS affiliate had this short preview of the weekend, as did the Philly Voice.

The Phoenixville Phoenix Reporter/Pottstown Mercury is always on hand for the weekend. Here is their coverage and a photo gallery from Friday night as well as a nice overview of the weekend.

The Daily Local News had a short report on Friday night’s Runout, which featured two photos. (Modesty prohibits us from pointing out that one of them features a certain blog author running for his life.)

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BlobFest Adds LOST IN SPACE’s Marta Kristen And Robot As Guests!

Marta-Kristen-robotBlobFest has announced the addition of an appearance by Lost In Space‘s very own Marta Kristen to the weekend’s festivities. Kristen, of course played older daughter Judy Robinson on the classic 1960s science-fiction series!

And that’s not the only Lost In Space alum who will be at the show! Prop builder Craig Reinbrecht will be bringing his own B9 Robot to the show for fans to see and take pictures with.

Both Kristen and the Robot will be upstairs on the theater’s third floor all day Saturday with Kristen participating in a Q&A before Sunday’s afternoon double feature.

In addition to her memorable role on Lost In Space, Kristen has appeared in a number of film and television projects including Beach Blanket Bingo, The Man From U.N.C.L.E., Battle Beyond The Stars, Remington Steele and Murphy Brown.

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