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This site is dedicated to the classic 1958 science fiction movie The Blob, starring Steve(n) McQueen (as Steve Andrews) and Aneta Corsaut (as Jane Martin). Filmed during the summer of 1957 by Valley Forge Films (formerly Good News Productions) in Chester Springs, Pennsylvania and the surrounding area, The Blob has become a true sci-fi movie classic.

October 24, 2009- The Blob will be showing on Turner Classic Movies this weekend, specifically Sunday, October 25 at 8 pm, Eastern. It'll have an encore airing on Sunday, November 8 at 4:15 pm, Eastern.

September 1, 2009- Rob Zombie to remake The Blob... Sort Of.

July 12, 2009- Here are two photo galleries of Saturday's BlobFest festivities!

July 11, 2009- BlobFest 2009 is underway! And here are some photos from the festivities on Friday night.

Plus- A photo gallery of Friday night's Blob Ball.

July 8, 2009- BlobFest 2009 is just a few days away! Check the schedule here for the latest updates on all the festivities!

June 23,2009- Ed McMahon passed away early this morning. Although best known for his work as Johnny Carson's sidekick on The Tonight Show, he also provided the voiceover narration for the movie Daughter Of Horror, the film showing when the Blob attacks the Colonial Theatre!

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See the Colonial Theatre's website for more information.

The historical plaque which can be found in the balcony of the Colonial Theatre, right below where the Blob makes his "entrance."



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